Second Semester Impressions

Last semester, I wrote about my first impressions of my classes, so I thought it would be a great idea to keep that going and review my second semester classes for you. To begin with this is my schedule: (it might be a bit confusing, so i’ll explain about it later on)…

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.04.14 PM

Kinda confusing right? Maybe this one will make more sense?

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.04.00 PM

That’s a bit better right? Well for my second semester, I am enrolled in 16 credits, as stated in the picture above. If there is any other confusion, the picture below should help with that. Below is my weeks schedule.  The school makes it very hard to find all the information in the same place and is a bit confusing (as you saw above), so I have to put it all together.IMG_7005

One thing I did last semester was color code my classes which helped me with organization. Below is my color coding for 2nd semester cheat sheet. In my planner when I have events or homework I write it in the color that corresponds with the class it is associated with.


With out further ado, this is my first/second week of second semester impressions…

IMG_4202SPANISH 101. It’s about time that I took a Spanish class in my education. In middle school I had the opportunity to choose French or Spanish after sampling them both for a semester, I chose French.  This meant that I continued to learn French in high school too.

For my Education major, I have to pick a minor. I think Spanish would be the perfect minor if I want to teach in California especially if I pick Southern California.  The only problem is… I do not know any Spanish, so this can be quite a journey.

So since I don’t know any Spanish, I am enrolled in the first class offered where you are not supposed to know any Spanish, but the thing is, I am surrounded by classmates who have taken 2-3 years in high school.  They claim to not remember anything but from what I can tell, they have such an advantage already. Tutoring is being offered and I know I will be taking those chances.  I also have already formed a study group where we do homework together. While I am a bit nervous, I am excited to see where this class may take me.

I took my first exam today, and since I was under pressure I started to remember french but not Spanish.  I think it’s time to get some help for sure.


RELIGION 100. Since I go to a religious school, it is required for me to take a religion class. Now with the freedom of picking classes, I wanted to make sure I was enrolled in a good class. During the hour before my registration, the original class I wanted was full and waitlisted.  This meant that I had to make decision and fast.  Luckily my roommate took religion during her first semester and was able to help me.  I actually ended up picking her professor for one main reason.  There is no tests.

By now, I’m sure its obvious that I am not a big fan of tests.  Especially with my heavy workload, this makes the class so much more enjoyable.  Instead of worrying and stressing about studying, I just have to post on some online discussion threads about my opinions about certain topics from my reading once a week.  To me, that is so much easier than any test.


MATH 110. A subject I have always struggled in was math. Unfortunately, because of low SAT scores, I was placed in a math course that does not meet any requirements because it is so basic.  But, in my opinion, this is just what I need. I need to be refreshed on the basics, especially if I want to end up teaching.

Most of the time, what makes the math class easy or hard is how the teacher presents the topic.  The teacher that I have is very quirky and funny.  She tries to make everyone laugh which is always good.  She started off the class on the first day of classes by saying, “What did the acorn say when it grew up? ….. Gee, I’m a tree.”  Get it… geometry (Gee, I’m a tree?) Well i thought it was funny.

To make matters even better, one of my roommates bought this textbook so she is letting me use it this semester.  Free textbooks are always the best kind of text books. One thing I notice is that I do not dread going to math class, which is wonderful improvement because that was one thing I always struggled with.

IMG_7010Creative Drama for Child/Youth. If you recall, last semester for my freshman seminar class, my professor was the head of my major.  I made sure that I had him again and since this class is required for my major, it works out. Since this class is a drama course, it requires using my imagination and improvising.

This class is all about teaching kids drama, and the professor believes that the best way to learn is by doing field experience. This means that I will have the opportunity to actually visit elementary schools and teach them lessons. This is something that I am really looking forward to doing.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.58.26 AMTennis. I am required to take a PE class once to fill my colleges general education requirements. There was lots to pick from but I chose tennis. For those who don’t know, I love playing tennis. I played all four years in high school. And was on Varsity during junior and senior year plus captain.

This class is even more fun because I am enrolled in it with some of my closest friends.  I have this class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The best part is that this is my only class that I have on those days so after I can shower, rest and catch up on some work.

It is safe to say that I miss playing tennis, so I am glad that I have this opportunity to be physically active while doing something that I love.


And that is a summary of all my classes I am taking this semester. Also, I am getting a lot more involved on campus and participating in events, so its great to feel involved. I will talk to everyone soon.  If you have any thoughts on my classes, let me know, I would love to hear about them!

-Love, Tori ❤


My Roommate Questionnaire Video

Since second semester just started, it is safe to say that I have gotten to know my roommates pretty well.  We have lived in the same living quarters for several months and we all thought it would be fun to film a video together answering some of these questions:

  • Which roommate studies the most?
  • Which roommate is the pickiest eater?
  • Who is the loudest out of everyone?
  • Who is the most dramatic?
  • Who is the most responsible?
  • Who is the early bird?
  • Who is the most flirtatious?
  • Who has the best style?
  • Who is the biggest hoarder?
  • (Plus several more..)

P.S. In the video from left to right is: Nikki, Dani, Emily and myself. (That’s to help out those who don’t know any of us or what we look like.)

I hope you enjoyed the video. I’m going to keep this short and simple because today is my birthday and I’m about to go out to dinner with my roommates and friends to Stacked. I will talk to you all very soon!

Love, Tori ❤

My First Semester in a Nutshell

Well winter break is officially over, and I am unpacked and settled in my dorm room for second semester. During first semester, I met amazing people, survived my first college classes, and learned how to live on my own. Everything I learned first semester, inside and outside of class, helped me discover my self and purpose. Thats what college is about right? I hope to learn even more about my self and my future during second semester. I can’t wait to see where life takes me. As for now, here is my first semester summed up in pictures.

P.S. If you click on the picture, you can see the captions that go along with it and you can see the whole picture.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me during this journey and thank you for always supporting me. There will be so much more of these posts to come, so stay tuned.

Love, Tori ❤

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


It’s official, my first semester of college is complete.  Within my first semester, a lot has happened. Living in the dorms means that I had to adjust to living with 3 other girls who are my roommates. Through the ups and downs, I am glad to say that they have my back and I have theirs and they have helped me ease into my college experience and given me several motivational speeches.  Plus, they let me listen to High School Musical when i want to, so that is a huge plus.  I know I have said this before, but transitioning into college courses was hard for me, but in the end, I pulled through.  For those who don’t know, one of the reasons I picked my school was because of its religious affiliation. With my dedication, reflection and time, I have strengthened my relationship with God which was a major goal of mine this semester.  Along with that, I met Josh, my boyfriend, who inspires me everyday and has been there for me since the first day of moving in, which I am incredibly grateful for. My first official interview was a success (the one for summer camp was a phone interview.)  I secured a position as a Peer Advisor, who is a mentor for the incoming freshman and I am extremely blessed and excited to have this opportunity.  For now, that is all I am going to say about my first semester because there will be more to come in a different post.

As promised in the last post, I am going to show off my christmas/ holiday decorations that my roommates made for our dorm room.  I am so glad that my roommates shared the holiday spirit with me.  It will be a sad day when it is time to take everything down. Below is a slide show that sums up the christmas decorations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Being away from home and somewhat isolated made it really hard to feel the holiday spirit in the air.  Thankfully these decorations helped us all feel more at home and in the spirit.  We also had some great bonding moments while decorating (such as procrastinating at midnight and putting up all the lights instead of studying for our upcoming finals.)

331342_340211352659480_366363247_oI hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and that you don’t get pranked on Christmas day (like what happened to me was as a child). Looking back, I was such a spoiled brat, but hey, I got a hilarious picture out of it. Also, if you have the opportunity after opening presents to put all of the extra wrapping paper in a pile and hide underneath it or make “snow angels”, I would suggest doing that because it is one of my favorite things to do.

Love, Tori ❤


Home for Thanksgiving Weekend


Now, I realize that this may seem a bit late, but here is my post about thanksgiving.  School has gotten pretty crazy so I kept putting off working on this post, then I realized it was Sunday night and If I don’t post what I have, then all the work I already did, will just go to waste.  With that being said, here is just a bit about my crazy but fun adventures that I had during my break.


10411939_801096786621939_7119962383518632781_nAfter an almost pointless (but fun) day at school it was time to go home.  The reason why I say it was pointless was because I had Freshman seminar, where my professor bought us all Starbucks and made turkey thanksgiving cards. Typically there is about 20 people in this class, but he did not require attendance for this day so about half of us showed up.   Then I had my geology lab, which to be honest, I left early (the teacher doesn’t mind.)

IMG_89781After my lab, it was time to go home.  I am extremely lucky to have Josh because he drove me half way home where we met my parents and did a switch off, as I like to call it.  I really like this way of going home because I get to spend more time with Josh, and it is easier on my parents, and also he doesn’t have to go out of his way. I was really excited for this day because my glasses arrived. Thats right, I am just like almost all the members in my family, I joined the glasses crew.  I was amazed at how much my glasses make everything clear. Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous putting my glasses on for the first time.  The target that we were meeting my parents at had a Sonic Burger, so we went there for dinner, then we went our separate way back home.

WEDNESDAY ~ Shopping and Church with Katie

IMG_0058When coming home, there was one person specifically who I was excited to see.  Yes I was excited to see my family, but I have had the opportunity to see them quite often. The person who I am talking about is Katie, who I haven’t seen since the Fourth of July. Because of my work schedule and her being so far away, we were never able to see each other. We get to text a lot, but personally, I rather see someone face to face then through. But now that she is back home, and the holidays are here, we will be getting to see a lot of each other.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.08.23 AMWhen ever me and Katie hang out, we usually have no idea what to do, so we end up going to the mall; but first we stopped for lunch at Which Wich. I have never been there before, but Katie goes there all the time, so I figured I should try something new while I was home.  Ordering at Which Wich is really unique, so to the right is the directions the website gives because they can explain it way better than I do. If you are interested in how it works, click on the image, and a new window will open with the enlarged picture.


It was really nice getting to sit down and talk to Katie before shopping because we were able to catch up and share some stories before becoming completely distracted by the stores and clothes around us.  Also, the food was great.  I recently have obtained an obsession with avocado and unfortunately at school, its very rare that I have a chance to get some. So when ever I come home, that is one of the first things I make sure I can eat. The picture to the right is Katie and I with our sandwiches.  Katie and I have been friends for about a year now, and we hardly have any pictures together. So of course, now when we have an opportunity to take a picture.. that is exactly what we are going to do.

IMG_0065We shopped for quite some time, lost each other in the Disney Store, shopped some more and just had a great time catching up.  We both walked out of the mall with something.  After the mall, we went back to my house, got dressed and drove over to her church. (Cottonwood) I have never been to this church, but I have heard so many great things about it and now I know why.  They have a cute little book store that is filled with music, bibles, jewelry, and much more.  With the help of Katie, I got a ring that says “All Things Through Christ My Strength – Phil 4:13” She also has a ring that she got from the store that is similar and she never takes it off.   After church, we went to Islands with her mom and dad, went to target then it was time for me to go home.  I’m so glad that I was able to see her again, and I can’t wait until I can see her again.

THURSDAY~ Thanksgiving Day

P1070676My family isn’t like most families where we stay home for a home cooked meal, but instead we go out to eat with my Granddad.  Usually we try somewhere new every single year and this year we went to, the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach for brunch. The food was good enough and it was great to see my granddad again because I haven’t seen him in a while. After the meal, we took what seemed like A THOUSAND pictures (but it really wasn’t.)  I am going to include some below because I did not go through all the torture of taking those pictures for them just to end up on our computers for no one to see.

FRIDAY- Adventures with Josh

IMG_0150 Josh lives about 40 minutes away from me. This isn’t that bad of a drive, but considering he drove from his town, to mine to pick me up then back to his so we can hang out, then taking me home, and him driving back home… sure is a lot.  Even typing that sentence was a lot. We went to the movies and saw Dumb and Dumber 2. Then we went to his high schools foot ball team that made it to round three CIF.  It was interesting comparing my high school football games to his because his team was so much better, but sadly, they lost. After that, we went to Taco Bell.  Let me just say, I am so glad to have found someone who appreciates Taco Bell as much as I do. After that, it was time to take me home, but first, we got hot chocolate and donut holes from Yum Yum. It might not seem like we did that much, but I honestly had so much fun and thats what matters. Also, it was glad I got to see him during break because I would have just been doing homework so instead I got to have some fun.

SATURDAY~ Geology Adventure

IMG_6558For my Geology class, I am required to do a term paper where I basically go on my own field trip and analyze the geology around me.  It just so happens that Emily went on a field trip with her class, so I took her with me so I could better understand what is around me since geology is a class that I struggle with. My teacher said that the outing should only take an afternoon.  Of course, that isn’t how it worked out for us.

TIMG_9055o sum up our crazy adventure, it is safe to say that we spent more time driving then actually looking at the geology. Why is this? Because we got lost several times trying to find out where to go. Of course, that wasn’t the big incident that extended this adventure.  Me being the girl that I am, ended up locking my keys in the trunk. And we were all the way in Torrence.  With no extra key to spare, we had to call family to come rescue us.  Thankfully we knew where we were and my grandma and grandpa were free to come save us.  If it were not for them, I have no idea how long we would have been stranded for. After they came to save us, we took them out to lunch to thank them for being our saviors. While most people would have been very hard on themselves for this, I just laughed because this stuff happens and you just have to take what happened and learn from it.

While we were waiting, I thought it would be funny to write down some of the things that were said (being stranded really brought the comedian out in everyone.) So here are a few that I especially loved:

“Just got locked out of a car. Good job Victoria.” Via Natalie’s Twitter

“Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.” -Emily

“We can go to the church and seek refuge.” -My dad

“Lets see what I have in my survival kit. You see this is our life line. With out this water, we are nothing. With out water, we shrivel.” -Emily

“I have a stick of gum incase I get hungry.” -Natalie

“Where’s the local Starbucks?” -Emily

“I found a cliff that we could push Victoria off of.” -My Dad

“I saw somewhere that you can break into a car with a slim jim.” -Natalie

“Too bad there isn’t a Hot Dog on a Stick.. I got a free lemonade.” -Emily

IMG_6181Once we were saved, we went to lunch with my grandparents and continued onto our geology adventure.  After that adventure, I went with my dad and sister to see Mockingjay. Going to the movies is always a lot of fun with them. We got home around 10:40 and I walked into my living room to find my friends Roy and Trent.  We thought it would be fun to visit, Mrs. Rutledge (Melanie’s mom) because we haven’t seen here in a while since Melanie is in Germany. We visited with her for a bit, then we adventured into Melanie’s room and went through her stuff.  Of course we had permission and didn’t intrude in her personal stuff but instead just messed around and had some fun.  Being in Melanie’s room without her being there made me miss her even more.

On Sunday, I drove back up to school with my mom, dad and sister, stopped for lunch, got to the dorm, and decorated for Christmas. I bought stocking for my roommates and I wanted to surprise them before they got to the dorm. (I got there first.) My parents left, and for a little bit, I had the whole room to my self where I just organized and unpacked and got started on my homework.

Well that sums up my thanksgiving week, I would say that it was quite successful. I hope that everyone else had a great thanksgiving as well! Next week, (and by that I really mean next post,) I plan on sharing my christmas directions, so that post will be short and sweet. Until then, I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them.

❤ Tori

The Getty Villa


On Tuesday November 11, several of my schools freshman seminar classes took a required field trip to the Getty Villa museum in Malibu.  Originally I was going to have to miss this field trip because I had my geology lab class at the same time as we had to leave to get on the bus.  This is a class that I can not afford to miss because it is very activity based, so I went to an earlier lab time to make everything work out.


Me & My Long Lost Twin (Charmaine)


Me & Josh

To be honest, I wasn’t too sure what to expect about the field trip, but by the end I had a lot more fun than I expected to have. I started in a group of about 8 people, but slowly we all separated and adventured on our own.  After a while, looking at statues can get pretty repetitive so Josh and I created a little game.  I would pick a statue and he would have to tell a story based off of what he saw and vice versa.  It was pretty funny because our stories were pretty bizarre and we had to make sure that no one around us was listening other wise they would think we are crazy.

Because we went to the Getty Villa on College night, there were several extra activities that we could do. We had the opportunity to make leaf crowns, get temporary tattoos and even get a caricature drawing. There was one section of the museum that was pretty fun and I am pretty sure it was for children.  You could stand behind a screen while holding foam objects and take some pretty funny pictures.  Also, there were a few other stations with cute little things for children to do to keep them entertained.  Funny enough, they were also keeping the college students entertained.


Me and Josh (again!)

I wish I could say that the picture at the top is my photo, but unfortunately it is not. The thing was by the time we got to the museum, it was really dark.  We have daylight saving time to thank for that one.  Also, all of the fountains had no water in them because since we are in a drought, the Getty does not want to waste water. It would have been cool to see the garden in its full potential, but from what I saw it was really nice.  It was very quiet and peaceful and I would say we spend about an hour just sitting on a bench talking.  It was kind of crowded and hectic on the inside of the museum so it was nice to have a get away place with fresh air.

One thing that I really liked about this field trip was that we were not given an assignment to turn in at the end.  Instead of having to worry about getting an A on an assignment, I was able to actually enjoy all of the art that was around me.  Being surrounded around college students on this field trip was pretty funny because it was a far from different experience than a high school field trip.  Instead of being immature, everyone was having fun but still being very mature at the same time.


This was the arena where we sat and watched Roman Trivia. Side note: There were three teams and every single team was composed of Cal Lutheran students.

To be completely honest, the night before the field trip, I got about 3 hours of sleep so I was very afraid that I would be yawning all throughout the field trip. Luckily enough, that was not the case.  To make it even better, Cal Lutheran got us charter busses so I was able to take a quick nap before arriving. I tried sleeping on the way back, but for some reason I just couldn’t get my self to.

I do have to say, the only down side of the field trip would have to be that our bus was the last one to arrive to pick us up. We got to the museum first, which of course would mean that we would be the last to leave.  We were supposed to get to the bus zone at 8:45 PM so we could leave promptly.  Of course, we did not end up getting on the bus until 9:20.  It might not seem like that big of a time difference but when it is super cold and you have a lot of studying and homework to get back to, it seems like forever. Of course, it wasn’t that big of a deal but that meant that we would arrive back to school late.  This would mean that the lines for Starbucks and Centrum, would be super long. For dinner we had a hot dog and the tiniest brownie I have ever seen.  So of course, we would be super hungry.


Some friends and I from my seminar class on the way back to school!

Once we got back to school though, I did not have the energy to wait for food.  And I didn’t even have the energy to stay up and do my homework.  Don’t worry though, I was still a responsible student.  How so?  I set my alarm for 6 AM the next morning so I could wake up and do my work. It took me an hour to finish it, then I went back to bed until I had to wake up for my 9:15 class.

Overall, the field trip was a lot better than I expected and it was really nice to be able to get out with a bunch of people from school and have a good time.  School has been getting pretty crazy, so this was a nice little get away.  My next few weeks are going to be pretty fun because I get to go home for a concert, and then it will be thanksgiving.  I am not going to lie, this school year is going by pretty fast.  But I am having a great time.  As always, I want to thank everyone for the continuous support.  It is so much fun going to my mailbox and finding post cards from everyone.

Love, Tori ❤


Family Weekend/ Homecoming


This blog post killed two birds with one stone. Why? Because for my freshman seminar class we have to write 5 reviews about activities that we attended on campus and what we thought about them. Now I did make a few minor adjustments for this post, but it is basically the same idea. Now with that being said, let me tell you about last weekend October 17-19, which was not only Homecoming Weekend but also family weekend.

There was a joke going around the campus that, “Every weekend is family weekend, it’s just this time, they are coming to us.” The reason why this is so funny is because on the weekends hardly anyone is here because if there is an opportunity to go home, everyone would take it.  Keeping that in mind, it was weird seeing a whole bunch of people walking around campus, because typically it is a ghost town.

My mom, dad, sister and grandma, all came up to visit during the weekend.  Out of my group of friends, my family were the only ones who came to visit which made me feel very loved and appreciated.


Natalie got her self a free t-shirt too!

On the day of the homecoming game, I got really into the spirit wear. I wore the free shirt I got from the Friday night event, knee high socks that said Cal Lu, a temporary tattoo that said ‘CLU’ on it, eye black stickers with Cal Lutheran, a homecoming 2014 trucker hat that I won at a trivia event, and purple and gold beads.

I hadn’t been to any sports events here yet, so the Homecoming football game was the first experience for me. I came from a high school with a terrible football team. We lost almost every single game and once in a blue moon if we were lucky enough we would win. When coming to this game, I was unsure what to expect. I had no idea if we had a good football team or not so I didn’t want to get my hopes up to high. By half time the score was 27-3. This was something that my family wasn’t used to because we were so used to being so behind, so it was really awesome to see what it is like to win.   The score by the end was 41-17. My mom told me later that Cal Lutheran has won 14 consecutive homecoming games in a row. That might not be the exact number because I could have heard her wrong, but if that is correct that is pretty awesome. She also said that at last year’s homecoming, the score was 42-17. That’s pretty crazy considering that the score this year was 41-17.


Me, Emily & Mario at Football Game

My favorite parts about the football game were these two alumni. One of the men was part of the first cheerleading team that was at Cal Lu. He had so much energy and was so adorable. The first team of cheerleaders went on the field to cheer during half time with our current cheer team and it made my heart melt. They all looked so happy and seemed to be having a blast out there. I really hope that when it comes time for my reunions that I have as much fun as they were having. Then there was the candy man. He was also an alumni. Anytime our team scored, he would throw candy into the crowd. It was really fun and he made me laugh.

As we were leaving the football stadium when the game was over, I was next to a whole bunch of alumni with purple shirts that said, “Cal Lutheran 5th Quarter.” I was really curious to know what this was so I asked the woman next to me who had the shirt on and she said her husband and four of his friends were the first ones to start the football team. Then she told me that every Wednesday they meet at Lazy Dog Café. This made me so happy because they are all still in contact with each other and are still really close friends.

I had a lot of fun last weekend because I was able to spend it with my family and friends, plus it was a lot more eventful than watching movies and Netflix all day or being swamped with homework.

As always, thank you all for your support and I love every one has a great rest of the week. Also, its time to get in the spirit, so I want to be one of the first to wish you all a Happy Halloween.

Love, Tori ❤