Quote of the Week: #1

il_340x270.630255316_mabmHave you ever heard of Kid President? If not, you are missing out. At my college freshman orientation, they showed us this video. I highly suggest watching it. He is adorable isn’t he? Any ways, one of the quotes that Kid President has said is, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” Now I am sure there are many ways that one could use this in their life. For, me my summer camp sessions are just around the corner and I think this quote perfect to keep in mind.

Every day I will be surrounded my dozens of children who all want attention, a friend, someone to talk to. It is my goal to get to know their names, actually talk to them and hear their stories. Ask them about what is going on in their life. I want to inspire the campers. I would love to make an impact on as many children’s lives as possible.

I want all the campers to feel special, to feel important. Now I know this is going to be very hard to do, but this is what I want to accomplish this summer. I want to be able to go back next summer and have the campers run up and share about their life and what had happened while we were apart.

How can you use this quote in your life this summer? I would love to know!


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